Fiber cement board equipment

Process flow:

Pulping (beating, sizing)-flow (washing cloth, forming, connecting, conveying, stacking, transportation)-10,000 tons press pressurization (pressurization, demoulding, oiling, conveying)-four times of maintenance

1. Conventional specifications:


Conventional thickness:


2. Equipment composition:

①.Raw material processing system:

pulp processing system, cement storage tank and conveying and cutting device, quartz powder storage tank, conveying, cutting device, cleaning, return water tank (3.2m), vertical decomposing machine, stand-alone dust collector, sewage pump , Clean water pump, pulp metering tank

②.Plate making system:

two plate making system, bucket slurry tank (7m³), refiner, slurry tank, 1650 slurry plate making machine, positioning belt conveyor, vertical and horizontal cutting device (without blade), gas-water separator , Three-station vacuum stacker, demoulding machine (gas-electric), four-station vacuum stacker (gas-electric), 8T lifting platform, 11T lifting platform, return mixer (including pump, tee), electrical control Table, cabinet (PC control), Roots vacuum pump, centrifugal fan, autoclave, winch, traverse car, steaming trolley, plastic template, curing hollow pad, dryer, sanding machine (single-sided sand ), edge grinding and chamfering machine, dust collection device

③.Other equipment:

air compressor, 5T crane, boiler, substation

④.Pressing machine:

ten thousand tons pressurizing machine and four maintenance