Gypsum board equipment

Annual output of 5 million square meters-30 million square meters

Product Usage

Brief description of the production process

1.Material Dosing section

After the raw materials such as building gypsum, modified starch and coagulant were measured separately, they were mixed in screw mixer and sent continuously to vertical mixer.

2.Forming section

After the adhesive glue is arranged in the pot, it is fed into the sizing mouth of the forming station, and the

adhesive tape is applied on both sides of gypsum board top paper

The upper and under cover paper is transported to the paper rack by electric hoist.

3.Drying section

The board is sent to each layer of the 8 layers dryer by the bridge distributor in sequence according to the program, and the dryer takes the heat conduction oil of natural gas as the heat source. 

Air duct system on top of dryer.The circulating air ducts are divided into two sections.

4.Edge cutting and stacking section

After drying, the board are sent to the edge cutting machine through the board discharging machine, 2# transverse conveyor and laminator, which are cut to the required size, and then stacked by the stacker, then by the forklift truck sent to the finished product warehouse for inspection and storage.